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If your church is sending a team to the mission field, we would love to send Whimsy with them. If you're interested in partnering with us and our mission, send us an email today to get more information regarding how we can specifically partner with you!

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We firmly believe that we are BETTER TOGETHER. And for that reason, Heart of Whimsy hosts different events throughout the year where women of all ages can come together and be encouraged by the truth of the Gospel and the fellowship of their sisters. Follow us on Facebook so you never miss an event!


What does it look like when you buy a doll? We're here to tell you that it extends beyond your own hands. When you buy a Whimsy Doll, you are supporting a community of women in Belize who work with their hands to make these dolls come to life. Not just that, but you are giving a girl the opportunity to know her worth in Jesus. Pretty special if you ask us. 

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